20/01/2021: The Xbox side of FFL has closed until further notice, this is the PS4 side which is ran by different owners.
General Questions
FantasyFifaLeagues could essentially be described as an Online Career Mode, we're one of the longest standing FIFA 1v1 websites out there.

We play on Online Friendlies and utilise the Custom Squads and Club Transfers features on FIFA to allow managers to do transfers with each other and build up their teams just like they would on Career Mode.
Once you have signed up, you need to go to the Waiting List thread on the Forum and reply to it to let us know you're interested in taking a team. Once you have posted all you need to do is come in to the chatbox every so often to show us that you're actively interested as the wait for a team to become available could be within an hour up to an entire week.

Teams become available when current managers get fired or quit, the variation on scenarios where this could happen means it's hard for us to give you a time scale as to when the next team will become available.
If you're not on the website at the time you get hired, a member of staff will message you over PS4 notifying you that you've been given a team.

It's recommended that you are active in the chat as the latest website changes get automatically posted in there by a ChatBot, e.g. when a manager gets fired or hired.

Additionally, once you have been hired you will notice your club badge is visible in the navigation bar and next to your name in the chat, you will also notice a lot more features become available to you on the site when you have a team such as Team Management, Transfer Centre, Finance, Media and more.
To view your players you go to your team page, there are multiple ways to access this:
- Click your PSN in the top navigation bar > My Team
- Click the Team Management section in the side navigation > My Team
- Click your team name from the League table
- Go to https://ps4.fantasyfifaleagues.net/team

You will notice all your team information here (bank balance, predicted finish, recent form, top goal scorers ect...)
Before anything, you need to 'Reset All Squads' on FIFA, this ensures that every manager is playing on the same squad file to make it fair.
You only have to do this once:
- Load up to the FIFA main menu
- Go to the 'Customise' tab
- Select the 'Edit Teams' box
- Select the 'Reset All Squads' box
- Press 'Yes'

You're now ready to set up your squad on FIFA:
- Load up to the FIFA main menu
- Go to the 'Customise' tab
- Select the 'Edit Teams' box
- Select the 'Club Transfers' box
- Select the team you have on FFL
- Use this panel to take out any players you don't have on the website and put in the players you do have

Once your squad on FIFA matches the squad you have on FFL, you're ready to play games!
You can access the My Fixtures page in multiple ways:

- Click your PSN in the top navigation bar > My Fixtures
- Click the Team Management section in the side navigation > My Fixtures
- Go to your team page and scroll to the bottom > My Fixtures
- Go to https://ps4.fantasyfifaleagues.net/myfixtures

On the My Fixtures page you can see your fixtures and results, hover your cursor over each teams name to see the managers gamertag, you can then contact them either on the Chatbox or over PS4 to arrange a game.
The home manager should host the game using Online Friendlies on the following match settings:

Match Settings
Half Length: 6 Mins
Controls: Semi-Assisted
Game Speed: Fast
Squad Type: Custom

- Custom Formations are NOT allowed
- Holding LT before the scene of a corner to make a player teleport to the corner taker for a short pass is not allowed.
- Time wasting before the 85th minute is NOT allowed

If you disconnect part way through the game, you must rehost and play the remainder of the game. For example if you disconnect in the 60th minute, you must rehost and play the remaining 35 minutes (Always assume 5 minutes extra time after a disconnection) and then on until the ball goes out of play.

If you have any disputes regarding match results you must PM (private message) or whisper an admin or moderator. Any proof you can provide to back yourself up such as videos, clear pictures can be very valuable.
After completing a game you will have to either report the game in the My Fixtures section, or review and accept your opponents proposal.

Only one person has to report the game, and the other person has to accept it before it gets approved by a member of staff.

You're expected to prop the result if:
- You won the game
- The game was a draw and you are the home team

If you lost or drew away from home, you're expected to review and accept the result within 30 minutes of the proposal.

If you think your opponent has reported an incorrect stat, take a picture of the stat on FIFA and show it to a member of staff.
Not accepting your opponents fixture proposal within 30 minutes will result in the score being forced through and your team being fined. If you're a repeat offender of this you may lose your team.
The winning team's manager should propose the result unless it's a draw, in the case of a draw the home team manager should propose the result.

To propose a result you will need to go to My Fixtures, next to each fixture there will be a 'Prop Result' button.

You should submit the following match statistics:
- Home & Away Score
- Home & Away Shots
- Home & Away Shots OT
- Home & Away Possession
- Home & Away Pass Accuracy
- Home & Away Fouls
- Home & Away Yellow Cards
- Home & Away Red Cards (2 Yellows)
- Home & Away Straight Reds

Once you've hit submit you will be asked for:
- Home & Away Goal Scorers
- Home & Away Assists
- Home & Away Players Booked
- Home & Away GK Saves
- Man of the Match
If you suspect your opponent is cheating you must either provide or request evidence of the cheating taking place.

To request evidence from your opponent you should pause the game and message them both on the Chatbox and PS4 so they cannot ignore you. If you can show us proof that you asked your opponent while still in the game (not at the end of the game or just before it ends) and they don't provide the evidence you're asking for, then you will either be eligible to a rematch or your opponent will be fired.

If you constantly accuse everyone of cheating, you will soon not be taken seriously and the staff will be incline to give the benefit of the doubt to the other player.
If your opponent has accused you of cheating, use the built in PS4 DVR feature to record or screenshot proof that you're not.

- To record the last 30 seconds of gameplay, tap the middle PS4 button and press X.
- To take a screenshot, tap the middle PS4 button and press Y
- Here's a 30 second video on how to use the PS4 DVR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMQsfjZGZWU

Failing to provide evidence may mean you have to rematch your opponent or in the worst case scenario you will be fired from your team.
Go on the to page of any player you want to advertise as for trade, at the bottom you will see a 'Add to Transfer List' or 'Remove from Transfer list' button, toggle this to add or remove players to/from your transfer list.
If you want to send someone an offical transfer offer go to Transfer Centre > Transfer Proposals, select which team you want to propose a transfer to using the dropdown box, and press the big green button that says 'Propose Transfer'.

You will now be sent to a page where you can customise your transfer proposal to how you want. Cash for players, players for players, players for players and cash are all possible.

Once you have sent a transfer proposal it's up to the receiving manager to accept or decline it, if the manager accepts your transfer proposal, the staff team will review it and put it through. The staff will be lenient with transfers but won't allow clear team destroying transfers, e.g. Ronaldo for Todd Kane.
Once you have signed a player you can put him in your team on FIFA and start using him in games, just like you did when building your team at the start, using the Club Transfers feature.
Packs are a feature used to get every player on FIFA involved in the site. Obviously we don't have 500+ managers, which means we don't have 500+ teams on the site, which in turns means we don't have every player on FIFA on the website at the start. Packs contain players which play for teams not on the website, you can open packs using your teams bank balance on the Packs page which you can access by going to Transfer Centre > Packs.

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